We take care of complete Income Tax & Wealth Tax such as Income from Salaries, Income from House Properties, Taxation of Charitable Organisations, Taxation of Partnership Firms & Limited Liability Partnership, Taxation of HUF, Income from Capital Gains, Income from other Sources etc.


GST is a consumption based tax levied on the sale of a goods or service. Hence, GST is applicable for everyone purchasing a goods or services in India at the same rate. Income tax is levied based on the income of a person. If a person does not have any income in a year, then income tax need not be paid. Income tax is applicable only when there is income above a certain limit fixed by the Government.
We at Sawant Associates are ready with all problem solving solutions starting from Registration to filing GST Returns. Just a call and our experience team is ready to resolve your statutory requirement.


Direct tax is the tax that is paid directly to the government by the persons on whom it is imposed. It cannot be shifted onto others. The best examples of direct taxes are Income Tax and Property Tax. Direct tax is often accompanied by a tax return filing by the taxpayer.

Tax Consultancy Services for our Clients

We undertake Direct Tax services for our clients. Our tax services for our clients includes:

Personal Taxation Consultancy Services

We offer personal taxation consultancy services like personal tax planning, personal tax consultancy services, tax compliance and advisory services that cover the following:

Tax Representations

We undertake tax representations before the Revenue authorities for Tax Assessments of Income Tax cases and many other such tax matters.

Foreign Remittance Certifications

We also undertake consultancy and certification services required for making foreign remittances according to the provisions of section 195 of the Income tax Act, 1961 or as per Double Taxation Avoidance agreements (DTAA) as per the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The services of this category broadly include:


An indirect tax is the tax collected by an intermediary from the person who shall bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax. It in fact increases the price of goods so that consumers are actually paying the taxes by paying more for the products. The examples of indirect tax are Service Tax and value added taxes (VAT). Here, the intermediary later files a tax return and forwards tax proceeds to the government with the return. As indirect tax consultants, Ours services are as follows :

Sales Tax Consultancy

Service Tax Consultancy


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